3 Point

Three point shots real time, slomo, good shots, misses
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Low angle under basket red, blue players slam dunk - could pass as slam dunk contest, african american man hot dogs it up jumps under basket finger roll in, red player shoots makes three point perimeter shot good Basketball Selects
Duration: 56 s
ID: 80456
basketball players in game #23 shot attempt deflected by taller player black team gets rebound dribble and pass down court, #14 dribbles black team player attempts steal #14 slows play down #22 makes three pointer ** AIA-1
Duration: 35 s
ID: 82462
basketball goes to black team taken down court fast red team blocking knocks black team player down, cut to red team player finger roll ball into basket, #14 passes to #23 three point shot, scoreboard :11, :10, :09 AIA-1
Duration: 34 s
ID: 82470
Red team player takes free throw follow ng, #23 dribbles in passes out around three point shot taken good ** Small crowd bleachers coaches watch bench, #23 dribbles down passes to #22 bald clean shaven head AIA-1
Duration: 33 s
ID: 82474
Basketball tight hold defense during inbound pass takes down court spin dribble almost palm ball looses it steals black team takes down court, guard drives passes basket action rebound stolen, fast break point, three point perimeter shot good ** AIA-1
Duration: 38 s
ID: 82496
basketball players black team in bounds takes down court full court press, quick pass toward red basket bounces back passed in around three point shot good ** AIA-1
Duration: 21 s
ID: 82497
basketball players in game #23 red dribbles down striped by black team, red team three point shot good, #30 red team dribbles down three point attempt #44 gets rebound, stolen by black team twice AIA-1
Duration: 43 s
ID: 82498
basketball players red team get rebound pass around ref follows passes out to #14 passes to #44 passes to 22 takes three point shot AIA-1
Duration: 30 s
ID: 82525
basketball ball bounces off rim rebound black team passes, guard drives for lay up opponent slight block gym game slo motion rebounded black team* pass to teammate hits three 3 point shot good swish slo mo AIA-1
Duration: 40 s
ID: 82544
basketball falls through basket, long range jumper 20 ft three point shot high arch shot swish gym game slo motion, guard drives baseline blind reverse pass to teammate in lane hits lay up ** slow motion AIA-1
Duration: 35 s
ID: 82545
Basketball tight shot on player pulls up for jumper missed opponent rebound slow motion, guard dribbles gets open pulls up hits three point shot jumper swish tight cam under basket ** tight action guard passes to busy lane appears foul committed AIA-1
Duration: 40 s
ID: 82547
Outdoor basketball game player kicks ball rolls three pointer shot from crane ** VEN - Street Basketball
Duration: 15 s
ID: 508346
Outdoor basketball game missed shot three pointer bounces off backboard slo mo ** VEN - Street Basketball
Duration: 10 s
ID: 508351
basketball players red team #14 dribbles, passes, gets ball back takes three point shot misses AIA-1
Duration: 16 s
ID: 82444