Slam Dunk

Dunks Dunk two and one handed camera over backboard under
33 clips listed here with image and video preview of footage

Overhead of basketball court players in motion drive to basket good slam dunk *** CIPHER HD
Duration: 16 s
ID: 10421
basketball slam dunk contest dunks forward reverse hit & miss backboard camera ** AIA-1
Duration: 30 s
ID: 82552
basketball plays nice dunks backboard high camera *** AIA-1
Duration: 41 s
ID: 82550
basketball slam dunk lay up cam mounted above backboard ** AIA-1
Duration: 46 s
ID: 82521
basketball play dunk cam mount backboard ** AIA-1
Duration: 48 s
ID: 82520
slam dunks from below AIA-1
Duration: 57 s
ID: 82500
Start of game jump ball, player in red dribbles ball looking for opening, time out players talk coaches at bench, red team player fakes and shoots, time out players coaches talk bench, red player goes under basket jumps makes basket and one play takes fre Basketball Selects
Duration: 56 s
ID: 80474
Basketball player slomo runs toward basket jumps slams almost misses, ground level basketball red, blue teams, red player drives to basket makes lay up under basket, caotic basketball play under basket Basketball Selects
Duration: 42 s
ID: 80468
College, High School Basketball game Tall African American guy shoots free throw slomo crowd bleachers, ground level slam dunks crowd cheers, could be for game or slam dunk contest multiple players speeds real time slomo Basketball Selects
Duration: 54 s
ID: 80467
High angle over basket red team player jumps makes finger roll into basket good 2x, other red team player african american makes finger roll in basket left handed, slam dunks, ali uup play, lay ups, uncontested slam dunk contest like Basketball Selects
Duration: 99 s
ID: 80457
Low angle under basket red, blue players slam dunk - could pass as slam dunk contest, african american man hot dogs it up jumps under basket finger roll in, red player shoots makes three point perimeter shot good Basketball Selects
Duration: 56 s
ID: 80456
Basketball dunks cam under basket high angle mount top backboard ** Victory
Duration: 64 s
ID: 79459
Overhead African American men great dunks ball basket, Basketball game overhead African American man does layup good basket, low angle African American men slam dunk, African American men and albino play basketball African American athletes and more
Duration: 111 s
ID: 79244
Outdoor basketball game dunks celebrates high five hand held cam slo mo ** VEN - Street Basketball
Duration: 15 s
ID: 508349
Outdoor basketball game sets up screen player dunk celebrates slo mo high angle ** VEN - Street Basketball
Duration: 21 s
ID: 508348
Outdoor basketball game high angle view player misses dunk slo mo VEN - Street Basketball
Duration: 10 s
ID: 508347
Basketball player walks away, low angle basketball hoop no net outside camera flashes blue sky, african american teen shoots hoop low angle close wide camera flashes, two teens face off bat ball away from hoop 2x's, alliuup and slam dunk, wide two teen Basketball Selects
Duration: 72 s
ID: 80472
Rooftop basketball court, park hoop no net blue sky clouds stylized camera flashes teen guy shooting hoops side angle, basketball player pov white teen plays to camera dribbling Basketball Selects
Duration: 32 s
ID: 80471
Sunset silhouette man slam dunk basketball side angle wide close Basketball Selects
Duration: 19 s
ID: 80470
Basketball stylized montage high angle, low angle slams, shots, street ball outside court, close torso's fashion USA sport Polo basketball clothing slomo, skip frame, sunset silhouette dissolve Basketball Selects
Duration: 53 s
ID: 80469
blue player attempts shot batted out of bounds by white team, blue team player makes shot, african american player blue team makes nice arching free throw, white team fights tall blue team player he makes basket, blue team player drives throws ball under Basketball Selects
Duration: 65 s
ID: 80464
silhoetted Man dunking outdoors at sunset, orange sky basketball WME Selects # 1
Duration: 20 s
ID: 33979
Man dunking on outdoor court from below (blacktop, basketball) WME Selects # 1
Duration: 141 s
ID: 33978
street basketball camera below hoop - slam dunk Kids reel #2
Duration: 20 s
ID: 23502
street basketball - white man slam dunk - flash frms Kids reel #2
Duration: 8 s
ID: 23485
Black men do slam dunks basketball hoop FW-BVG
Duration: 49 s
ID: 17616
missed dunk - slow motion AIA 2
Duration: 22 s
ID: 7212
dunk - good grin face - slow motion - crowd AIA 2
Duration: 21 s
ID: 7209
dunk - tight shot - some crowd - slow motion AIA 2
Duration: 17 s
ID: 7208
dunk - missed - hangs brief on rim - slow motion AIA 2
Duration: 37 s
ID: 7199
dunks - some crowd hi fives ** - slow motion AIA 2
Duration: 26 s
ID: 7198
Fastbreak - missed dunk - then follow up slammed - crowd BG AIA 2
Duration: 32 s
ID: 7123
dunk - throws ball up - grabs - slams - very tight shot - slow motion * AIA 2
Duration: 29 s
ID: 7202