Wipeouts, down snowy mountains, speed bicycle race, jackass stunts
12 clips listed here with image and video preview of footage

Snow mountain bike wipeout 3:03:13 & 3:03:36 SF-95Vert.R1
Duration: 2 s
ID: 34666
Snow mountain bike race - wipeouts SF-95Vert.R2
Duration: 104 s
ID: 34817
dirt bike wipeout - goes over handle bars in snow ** TY-SF3
Duration: 2 s
ID: 41681
Wide guy rides bike down snowy cliff flips over ** > girls taking chair lift scoot one more girl in > tilt up push in to golden lab dog on pink chair with sunglasses ** Fifty WME
Duration: 11 s
ID: 66522
Man uses file to sharpen spikes put in mountain bike tires > Various shots man put on protective gear jacket padding shin guards > Group of people guys play rock paper scissors one guy looses funny > Extreme snow mountain biking down steep slope cliff stu Snow R #2 pt 2
Duration: 36 s
ID: 501813
Jackass stunt crazy mountain biker riding down steep snow slope wipeout slo mo > Awesome mountain biker rides bike down steep slope makes it friends celebrate ** Snow R #2 pt 2
Duration: 43 s
ID: 501815
Ski photographer looks at camera smiles > Nissan Pathfinder truck rope tow pulling mountain bikers up snow slope > WS snow covered mountain peak > Mountain bike catches air off ramp snow covered mountain slope Snow R #2 pt 1
Duration: 30 s
ID: 501857
Mountain bike race down snow covered slope > Mountain biker catches air off jump snow ski slope > Mountain biker catches air jump snow ski slope wipeout good > Mountain biking on ski slope going fast wipeout > Mountain biker catches air off jump wipeout s Snow R #2 pt 1
Duration: 38 s
ID: 501858
Two mountain bikers ride ski slope wipeout funny chain reaction ** > Mountain biker catches air off snow jump > Gnarly wipeout mountain biker on ski slope funny flips over tumbles ** > Mountain biker catches air off jump snow boarder park > Low angle view Snow R #2 pt 1
Duration: 29 s
ID: 501859
Several bicycles in rack, snowing > Sign, Breckenridge > Truck pulls person on snowboard, wipes out falls > SUV truck drives into hotel 'Beaver Run Resort' > Pan bottom of car, feet walk Fifty WME
Duration: 28 s
ID: 66664
Person riding bicycle down snow covered mountain very fast falls wipeout at end ** Daredevil No. 2
Duration: 61 s
ID: 79973
China street man transports heavy load tables chair on bicycle > Various shots billboard advertisement China city > Drive POV entrance to ski resort China > Kids people throw chunks of snow put snow on ski slope Snow R #1 pt 2
Duration: 43 s
ID: 85069